The island of Neel is a day or two’s sail west of Til-veron, which puts it right between the Long Coast and the Broad Sea. It has been an important port for over two thousand years, since no matter which way you are going Neel is an important stopping point. It has all but unlimited fresh water. Other than a few hills at the southern end (where the town of Neel is located) and a few mountains at the north end, the island is mostly flat and covered with farms, which makes it an excellent source of supplies. It is the center of these adventures.


In theory the whole island is ruled by the Lord of Neel. He is called the Lord because a title like Duke or Count would have to come from a King, and the family of Orts have ruled this island for some 1500 years, far longer than any of the current kingdoms have been in existence. Although the entire island accepts the overlordship of Lord Otto XXI, in practice he has little real authority, living in his ramshackle castle/palace/ruin on the western edge of the island and subsisting on the handful of traditional duties he still collects. In the past the Lords have wielded great power, and rumor has it that the magics that gave them this power are still hidden somewhere on the island.

Town Council The town of Neel, and in practice the whole island, are in fact ruled by the Town Council, which is selected from the leading guild masters and other important citizens of the town of Neel. See Town of Neel for more details.

Local and ethnic government The villages of Neel are ruled by village elders, who are in theory independent of the Town Council, but are in practice subordinate to it. Some 70 percent of the inhabitants of the island are humans, but as the island has been an important crossroads for a very long time many other races have settled here, and each of them has its own government that is semi-autonomous Most of the Dwarves live either in the town of Neel or in the mountains to the North, where they have a handful of mines. They are governed by the Jarl of Kort, the most important of these mines. There are a surprising number of elves on the island, most of whom make their livings as wandering magicians or craftsmen. Every two years they meet in the Grove of Wirlid to discuss affairs and elect the Obscure Guide, who is the spokes-elf for all of them, if anyone can figure out who is the Guide and go speak to them.



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