Neel and Lin


You sail NE for a few hours until Tomt and Willit are convinced that the orcs are totally out of sight. As they debate what to do next (a bit annoyed that you attacked some orcs who could easily have been avoided) you see lights flashing ahead. The low clouds have started to drop some snow, and visibility is not great, so they can’t be too far off.

As you get closer you see that the lights are caused by a magician of some sort standing on the transom of a sinking ship. As you get closer you see him use a fireball to kill at least a dozen of the Sahuagin who are attacking him. As he casts the spell, however, he is hit by a crossbow bolt and falls into the sea. There are still Sahuagin around, but you can see no other survivors.

(If you decide to attack them you can run the combat yourselves. They are AC 16 HP 11 att bonus +4 dam 1d8+3 with tridents) There are six of them left. You will have to write out the descriptions of what they do and what you do, or you can wait for me to do it.

They roll 16, 11, 17, 14, 8, 3, 15, 4, 15, 1,4, 6 if they hit you will have to roll damage yourself

Out to sea

Having collected the party you are ready to head out, and although it is already 2 in the morning before you get the ship loaded Willit and Tomt suggest that given that the tide is running out it is time to set sail. There is just enough moon to get out of the harbor, and once you are out to sea the moon illuminates the low clouds enough to give you a bit of light. It is still bitterly cold, and at first the glow from the snow that covers the Island of Neel lights your way, but soon only the moon lights up the dark sea.

About 4 am. Willit comes below and brings you up and points out a sail just within view to the South. The sail is black and red, which are not the colors of the Red Hand. Do you want to close with the ship, trail it at a distance, or ignore it?

In Ybor's office
The door swings open and you come into a round room that apparently takes up the entire top level of the tower. There are six large windows, and out of one of them you can see the town of Neel off to the North. In the next window however you can see the town from the other side, and the other four windows show a caravan crossing a desert, a snowy mountain, a group of halflings digging a large pit for some reason and a vegetable market.

Half of the room seems to be a library, with bookshelves and piles of books all over. On top of a large table there is a huge map of what seems to be the island of Neel and the surrounding area. Off on the right side of the room there is a flat area with all sorts of strange magical symbols scrawled on the floor. Right in the middle of the drawings there is a small brazier which is not lit, but is giving off a thin wisp of silvery smoke. p.

The only creatures in the room are a pair of large, floppy eared bunnies. One of them is munching on a piece of paper it has taken out of the trash can, and the other is holding the bottom of a rope ladder that runs up through a hole that leads to the roof. As you come in the room Ybor himself comes down the ladder. He is short even for a gnome, and rather plump. His wrinkled skin leaves him looking like a big white raisin, with a mop of silvery hair on top. He bounces to the floor and hurries over to you. p.

“Komtria!” This seems to be some sort of greeting, although you have no idea what it means. “You are the ones who went to get the sea squash, yes?”

Return to Ybor's tower

When you return to Ybor’s tower he is not particularly happy with the failure of his plan, and Flattop’s escape, but he is happy to see that you are alive and pleased that you have done better than he expected. Or at least that is what Neebor the doorman tells you.

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