Willit Morger and Tomt Lorfhord

Ship's crew


Willit Morger AC 14 HP 13 Att+1 Blacksmith 2.

Tomt Lorfhord AC 13 HP 9 Att+1 +2 with crossbow. Carpenter 2 Speaks a bit of Aquan.


They are two youngish (both 26 yrs old) fishermen from Neel. Both of their families lost their boats, and so they are looking for work and will be happy to work as crew. They have both been afloat since they were 10, and can do pretty much anything that needs to be done on board ship. Both of them know how to use a spear (great for keeping borders off) daggers and light crossbows. In general they are reluctant to do much fighting or adventuring, but they took this job in hopes of making a lot of money in a hurry so they can buy their own ship.

Willit Morger and Tomt Lorfhord

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