The Gazer

A fine craft


The Gazer She is 70 feet long, 20 feet wide and with 2 masts. She is considered an odd-looking craft by the sailors of Neel, who call her a “southern type” since she is a bit longer and narrower than most of the locally built craft and has a very long bowsprit. She is made out of some sort of southern wood (teak, maybe?) with a keel of some sort of black wood (ebony?) At one point she seems to have had eyes (made out of some sort of colorful porcelain-type substance) put on her bow (something the locals do not do) but one of them is missing.

She has a capstan of good solid northern oak, and a pair of anchors. There are two cabins in the rear of the hold an a couple more in the bow, but the rest is just an open area. She has two boats, one a small skiff that can hold 4, and a larger longboat with 6 oars. There are several crossbow mounts on deck, but she only has 2 (heavy) crossbows, which are usually kept in the hold.

There is a picture of something like her here


The Gazer

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