Ybor is a Gnomish sorcerer who lives in the alabaster tower just south of the town of Neel. The tower was there long before Ybor, but “Ybor” has been living there for over 300 years. So apparently either there have been more than one Ybor or the current one is over 300 years old. He looks like he’s at least 400, so it’s hard to be sure.

Ybor’s Tower is over 200 ells high, and can be seen from a long way off to sea, in part because it glows brighter the darker it gets. Many sailors owe their lives to the tower. Supposedly it also extends far underground and Ybor sends expeditions deep under the earth and under the sea from the lower levels. Even wilder rumors about what can be found in the tower have been proven true, so maybe these are as well.

Ybor himself is generally helpful to his neighbors, such as the city of Neel, and will almost always do the right thing, if he happens to notice what is going on. He often hires adventurers to find various odd things for him, but he tends to forget what he hired them for and sometimes rewards those who have done little richly and give those who have done amazing things with a couple of potions.

He is short even for a gnome, and rather plump. His wrinkled skin leaves him looking like a big white raisin, with a mop of silvery hair on top.


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