Neel and Lin

Return to Ybor's tower

When you return to Ybor’s tower he is not particularly happy with the failure of his plan, and Flattop’s escape, but he is happy to see that you are alive and pleased that you have done better than he expected. Or at least that is what Neebor the doorman tells you.


So then you would put in a comment explaining what you would like to to. You can push things pretty far, meaning tell a lot of the story. If you end up going too far I will just push things back

“We go upstairs to see Ybor and ask if he has any other tasks for us, and also if we are going to get any reward for what we already did.”

You should always put 5 20-sided rolls along the bottom of the post, in case I need them. Don’t cheat

13 14 8 15 17

Return to Ybor's tower

As you go up the stairs to Ybor’s lab you hear all sorts of odd sounds and smell all kinds of weird stuff. There are a few doors open, and you see a couple of Ybor’s human guards sparring with stone golem, an apprentice cleaning bottles in some sort of lab, and what looks like a shaggy brown carpet sliding down the stairs singing a song to itself. You have to make a reflex saving throw of 12 to avoid stepping on it (or falling down the stairs) and you do (Your first number was a 13. Note that sometimes you will want a low number, so really don’t cheat. There is an on-line dice roller here

You find yourself at Ybor’s door. There is a large silver knocker in the middle in the shape of a Troll’s head, and it speaks to you.

“What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter?”

Return to Ybor's tower

Okay. I rolled at the site and got… 2,11,17,4,18 I hope they pass. For the riddle isn’t it a candle.

Return to Ybor's tower

The troll makes a weird face, which is not easy for a troll. “A candle? I said lighter, not brighter” He sticks out his tongue and blows a raspberry at you. Since you rolled a 2 as your first number you don’t dodge it and get magical silver troll spit all over your face.

Return to Ybor's tower

Can you give me a hint? I will pay you 5 gold pieces. 7,4,7,20,14

Return to Ybor's tower

You put five pieces of gold in the troll’s mouth and he says

“You need to make it lighter. But it will still hold weight as long as it is whole. What can you put in a barrel to make it not whole so it will leak out stuff?”

Return to Ybor's tower

The troll smiles, which is almost as scary as it’s frown, and the door swings open.

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Return to Ybor's tower

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